Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Trip to Remlinger Farms

It was a pleasant morning and every one was  quiet sleepy. Slowly everyone gets up, a 2 minutes difference. Everyone stretches, yawns calmly. Mom looks at the time…GET UP. The panic begins. 'Sudeep call Ashutosh', Mommy says. Nani yells ,'packing me madat karo na' {help me in packing }.
Finally we get arranged in the cars that we want. Me, Diya, and Shreya were sitting in the back of Deepak  uncle's car. Ria, Yash, and Eshu in the middle and Deepak uncle driving. The kids got really bored so we started a movie. Shark Tales. After the movie got on Deepak uncle  had to focus only on two things me and Diya asking when are we going to get there {mostly Diya} and driving. We got there in about 30 minutes since there was no traffic.
 The minute we were just two minutes away Deepak uncle tried to trick us . He said "OH NO ,we made the wrong turn we have to go home.

But I am tall I could see the signboard of Remlinger Farm . I told everyone in the car we all got super excited. Let's go- shouted everyone
Everyone was either jogging or running except for the grandmas. Before we got into the building we all ate sandwiches and filled our tummies. We went, inside gave the tickets, and went into the farm.

Our first ride  was the Mini Ferris Wheel unfortunately I was not allowed. The rest of the rides every one could go on so we went off on the Cup and Saucer. Me and Diya went in the same cup. We had so much fun we went on three times . We got so dizzy.

We then decided we have to go on the roller coaster. Me and my mom went on first When Diya watched us she got scared and after I went on I barely thought I t was a ride. It was extremely boring. The only good part was the wind in your face because the weather was so hot and that ride made it cool down a bit.
Then we went on the train . We had to be real patient to get on but it wasn’t worth you saw 2 animals in 10 minutes so not good. The next ride was the tractor ride the two grandmas and me and Diya. I was in the back steering with my grandma and Diya and Yash's grandma in the front . After that me and Diya and auntie went on the racing cars and joined the rest of the group at the petting zoo.

We also got to feed the goats . It was ticklish the grown goats licked and the rest sucked in. Then we ate ice cream I had strawberry  as my flavor.

This was the last event at the farm. After that we left for  home. We had a lot of fun.


Anu said...

Well done Sammy, I immensely enjoyed reading your report. Keep them coming.

Rohit Ranjan said...

Awesome Sami beta. Thanks for sharing your great experience with us.