Tuesday, January 10, 2012

you sink or you float- learning the law of flotation

My dad came from office and we both were bored. Then my dad started it all.He said lets do a project.We used water,a cup,a bowl,a potato, and a lime.First we weighed the potato.it was 91 grams.Then we put the potato in a full glass of water.Some of the water spilled. We had to find out how many grams fell so we used a kitchen scale to measure it.It was 85 grams of water.Then we saw that it sank.
Then we saw if a lime would float or sink.we used the same materials and then we put it in a full glass of water and it displaced 85 grams and we saw that it floated.There is two rules though 1st, weight never counts.Then my dad told me the 2 rules :
  1. The weight of an object alone does not tell if it will float or it would sink in water.
  2. More important one, if the object displaced as much as it weighs its own weight that means it will float, if it displaces less water then its weight then it will sink.It is called the law of flotation or the Archimedes principle.
As I finalize by blog, I think Archimedes was a really smart man.

He is really famous. Even after 2000 years since he discovered this law, we still remember him. Wow. wondering what else he found?

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Making 'THEKUA'

On January 1st 2012 I made dough for Thekua it is also called khajoor (a kind of sweet). My dad put maida powder,coconut powder,dates, sugar,and suji. Then my dad, my sister Shreya and me punched it together. Later, my mom cut dates and mixed it in.We punched for a very long time, over 30 minutes.
My mom got the oil ready had time to spare.
We rolled the dough on a flat board (chakla) using roller to make it flat.

Next my dad, Shreya and me made them in animal shapes which we decided to take from play dough.

After that my mom fried them and we had a yummy snack. My dad video taped a little of it and then he put it on YouTube!
Just to let you know we made these for my schools marble party