Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I love my school . My school's name is Rosa Parks .
I love my teacher. my teacher's name is Mr. Mattern.
I love books. i love everything in school.

My best friend's name is Abdhi. and Pujha and neha .
I come in at 8.30 am. we


Unknown said...

Excellent look as cute as ever Sami! Looking forward to hearing more updates from you..
Love you lots - Rajesh Chachu...

Unknown said...

Somebody is looking very sweet as ever...Sami is a very intelligent girl,she always give respect to her elders...Keep rockin
Love you - Bali Mama

RohitRanjan said...

Hi Sami, It is so nice to see your blog here. I loved reading your blog and I think it is time I start my own blog too. Even though I am in India I am missing you terribly. I am enjoying in India but the fun will be doubled if you too join me here. Enjoy your spring break. I will see you soon. Love to you and Sheru.