Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Day Worth waiting for

Today is my birthday. Unlike my previous two birthdays where I hardly knew what is happening, this time I am fully aware of this event and what it means. I Have been attending quite a number of birthday parties of my friends and can sing the happy birthday rhyme at the mere sight of a cake .
All this while , poppy and mummy have been purchasing gifts for my friends which I normally refuse to part with. For me it is still difficult to reconcile with the fact that poppy is buying something which is NOT for me.
Last time, he bought a colorful book for reeshu bhaiya on his birthday.I almost cried for 30 minutes when mumma refused to let me flip the pages, let alone allow me to keep it. The misery became bearable few hours later, when I came back from the party with a nice return gift.

I am happy that it is gift-receiving time for me now. Meenu mausi has gotten me a nice dress. She came to my school as well to celebrate my Budday with my school friends.
In the evening , I am meeting Jhamu Chacha and Meenu mausi for dinner. I hear that a bigger party is being planned on the 21st of this month. I do not trust poppy on this. Last time also there were similar rumors but eventually there was no big party. He is a big कंजूस when it comes to spending money on parties. But this time I am smarter and aware. I am almost demanding it through my demeanor and actions if not explicitly saying it.

Meet some of my class mates

If Mumma is around I am the happiest.

Papa, Mumma together In School= Chutti for the Day
If mumma or papa come to my school in the afternoon, chances are high that I would leave school early. This hasn't worked sometimes when one of them comes for "teachers-parents" meet. But I can say with certainty that when both of them come to my school, i would surely go for an outing with them. Today is one of these special days. I reached school at around 11.00 a.m and i was out at 4.00 with them. Have to go for my birthday dinner you see...

Play Ground at Kent Vale

Me and my Meenu Mausi

I share a special bond with Minu Mausi. Why and how part I am not too sure but in her presence I am extremely playful and comfortable. So much so that I can igonore/forget mumma for hours together. My other mausi's here like Neeni mausi and Prateechi mausi are not very delighted by this fact. They love me very much and I don't mind playing with them either. But Meenu mausi is special.

Who is my mumma ?