Thursday, February 15, 2007

Going to be 3 in Style

I am on way to be 3 now.

Isn't that an age when I should start worrying about my outfits and looks and footwears and attitude. And who cares if mamma goes bonkers and papa totally bankrupt!!!

After all, I am a gal.......a cute looking gal.
It's not me who says that, all my teachers and some of my peers' parents and all of my mamma's friends say that too!!!!

And more I get to know myself through those admiring eyes, the more conscious I become. Sometimes I even blush and smilingly steal a glimpse of the compliment bestower. If Mommy is around at those pleasurable moments she feels 'the proudest ever' ....I can see that in her eyes, but her words are always politically correct. Instead of hugging me and excaliming about her true feelings, she would quietly mumble, "Good to know that she is cute and pretty too. For her mom, she is just naughty, in fact , too naughty" .

Mommy ain't kids suppposed to be NAUGHTY !!!!!!

And sometimes when she is in a more talkative mood, she gets to the extent of being complaining. She goes on, "....of late, sami has started throwing tantrums. she is becoming so fussy about things like food and clothes."

Mommy ain't I supposed to have some TASTE!!!!!!!!!!!

In fact, yesterday when she was chit-chatting with my school teacher, I suddenly realized she has been holding so many grievances against me. I was shocked, "how could my mom talk like that about me to my teacher????"
Even though I gave her those dirty stares, she continued, " I don't know what has happened to Sameeksha. She just doesn't listen to me. She has become so stubborn that if she decides on wearing a particular dress against my wishes, she would either exercise her choice or stand bare-bodied wailing and crying aloud in protest. At times, I've even slapped her. But nothing seems to work".

I could hardly bear that Mom!!
And Teacher Sheila....she trailed along as if this was a God-sent, never-miss opportunity. Teacher Sheila said, "Exactly, I am also so surprised to see the change in her behaviour. She has become so aggressive. The other day when I looked at her, i almost gasped 'This is not sameeksha'."

Let's be fair teachers and mommies.
Please let us be KIDS!!!!! Let us be ourselves!!!!
If we behave like dumbos, you feel sad and sorry for yourselves.
If we act smart to the extent of your liking , you feel proud.
But if we be ourselves and share our views and opinions, you call us stubborn and aggressive.

You biggies!! Could you please get your vocabulary right???

PS: 'With no malice towards one and all'