Thursday, July 13, 2006

I have turned 2

Hi, I celebrated my second birthday yesterday( 12th July).
It has been almost a year since I last updated my blog. I am not sure the reasons for it, may be I am too busy these days or may be my poppy has been too lazy of late.
But I thought, my second birthday is a good occasion to update you about things happening in my life. Like last year, this time also my B'dday
fell on a working day and it was a rather quiet affair again. Rajesh Chachu came over to our place on tuesday night, we prepared matar paneer and aloo -methi sabjee at home... actually mommy prepared and I disturbed... I cant help it because this is the only way I can contribute and contribute I must...
There was a small cake also supposedly to be cut by me at 00.00 hrs but i was feeling too sleepy you see. I am still a little 2 years old bachha... So the cake remained in the fridge.

The next day , i.e., my birthday, I went to my play school rather late in my new pink frock as you can see in the picture. My teachers said that I was looking damn cute and pretty and simlar stuff.
Then my mommy proudly informed them that it was my birthday . People are supposed to look pretty and cute and happy on their birthdays... My ever ignorant mom asked my teacher how they celebrate birthdays in the school..... She was promptly informed that generally parents would bring Cake (and gifts). And in the afternoon , His/her freinds in the class and the teacher(s) would
celebrate birthday with the toddler.....Arghhhhhhh..... Mommy, could you not have asked this a day before.... She forgot to bring the cake and the camera too.... so my cake cutting was postponed by a day....

My freinds in the school sang me " Happy Birthday to You" in the evening without any cake.....forget about the gifts.... I returned their wishes by singing " Happy Tu Tu" to all of them...
I can speak simple sentences as of now but if you want me to ratlle out tough ones , I know how to simplify them...

Paying respect to my Nana and seeking his blessings.

( well actually not... dont be mistaken I am not holding any flowers in my hand.. I am just playing with a silly little red chain with a plastic pendant... But my Nana will understand my playfullness and bless me anyway...

Finally I Can Cut my Birthday Cake

Well at around 3.15 today , after a long wait of more than 36 hours, i get to cut my cake as u can see here. I do not look welldisposed in this pic beacuse I have a slight cough. Secondly, when mumma is around I love to cry...

Wow, It is sooooooooo Yummy

I love cakes and pastries and I have stopped crying now as soon as I get my slice to eat.

If mumma is around , I dont like any one else to feed me.

Sorry Mdm Wu, I like you very much when I am in school. But when mommy is in front of me how can I not cry if I am not clinging to her.

Meet Some of My Non Crying Freinds