Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Partying Kid

I have been partying a lot during august and spetember. Last sunday (11-Sept-05) i went to Dileep Uncle's marriage reception dinner. The party was from 7-9. We barely managed to reach a little before 9. Most of the people had finished their dinner and preparing to leave.Mommy and Poppy tried the pass the blame on me for their late coming. I only know howmuch far from truth it can be. Never ever in the last 14 months since I have known mommy has she ever managed to reach any where in time. Poppy maintains that mommy's track record on this front wasn't any better earlier [before i was born]. I am not sure if nani and nannu have any different views on this rather sensitive subject.I am told that parents suffer from myopic vision when it comes to fault finding in their own kids.

Anyway, coming back to the party, it was good fun. Lot of kids around. Their was kind of a commotion because lot of people were leaving and a lot more eager to queue up for their second ,third and God knows which helping.We Indians always over eat when we dont have to pay for the food.

I have started walking (or shall I say running) now , so i was on my feet most of the time. walking, running falling all the time trying to figure out my way in the maze of tables,chairs, and legs...
People generally start their dinner with starters, I started mine with the dessert. It was a sweet dish with lot of fruits, pearl sagoo( sabudaana ka kheer) and milk. I liked it but I liked playing more than anything else...
There was this uncle who was very fond of me and took a lot of pictures of mine. I do not have them with me now. Watch this space. I will ask daddy to post some good ones soon. later i overheard that this new found fan of mine is a friend of Dileep uncle, Anand.

Towards the end, when mommy and poppy were ready to leave i felt heavy in my stomach and did the dreaded thing.Poppy took me to the "gents" and did the routine cleaning stuff... Bingo... I was fresh and playful again... :)

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